We have been offering you comedy stand up shows, concerts, family and company parties, cocktails and promotions, containing the best of authentic Bulgarian humor, pop and folk misc.

Whether in a small cozy clubs, a bar or a big hotel, we can offer you entertainment packages that can only surprise and make you smile.
An incredible and fun holiday is a great present for loved ones, friends and colleagues.
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If you want to have a relaxing and full of fun night, welcome to one of our Comedy Clubs and laugh your heart out with some of the most popular Bulgarian comedians.
You want to hire a comedian?
This is very easy and healthy for you. They will help you relax and you might even fall in love with them. Thats why many firms choose the authentic humor for their holiday parties and promotions where our comedians give you an unforgettable experience.

To hire a comedian just look at our site and pick the one that makes you laugh and he will be by your door with a bag full of jokes and fun. If you need help, please feel free to call and get all your questions answered. The manager and producer at Comedy Club is one of the most popular comedians, Ventzi Martinov. In his 30 year career as a comedian, he has performed at many concerts, radio and TV shows. He is the only Bulgarian producer to have graduated with music production major from the Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy - Russia. His most popular show is The Smiles of Ventzi. He was also the official opener and performer for the Bulgarian National Soccer Team and other leading soccer teams.

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Sofia 20
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E-mail: Е-мейл адресът e защитен от спам ботове.
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